Be Nice To Yourself!

The Legal Stuff

This website describes the broad principles under which Holistic Harmony operates. It does not form part of any contractual agreement between Holistic Harmony and it's clients.

Information provided by third parties that appear directly on this site, or through links, is not warranted by Holistic Harmony.


Things go wrong in our lives from time to time and so of course I'd understand if you had to cancel an appointment with us but please bear in mind that costs might already have been accrued.  You could be liable to a cancellation charge in excess of your original appointment so PLEASE contact me by phone ONLY to cancel any appointment with at LEAST 24hours notice to avoid cost penalties.  Thank you for your understanding.


We accept cash and some types of credit and debit cards.  Please check with us when making your appointment.  Please Note:  We do NOT accept American Express.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are non-transferable, non-refundable, unextendable and have no exchangeable monetary value.

For Your Protection And Ours

Holistic Harmony is a 100% wholesome and reputable family business.  To avoid any confusion, we remain entirely so at all times.  We do not and would never condone or perform any service that is not already advertised in our publicity outlets. 

False Nail Extensions, Fake Tan or Skin Tanning processes are not part of our services.

Massage services can, perhaps understandably be misconstrued by the ill-informed.  Therefore we like to make it absolutely clear that we do not, and never will, perform unsavoury or sexual acts and as a policy, immediately report all requests to do so, to the local police authority - without exception.

Rude or offensive behaviour toward any member of Holistic Harmony staff or fellow clientele is not tolerated and appropriate positive action will be taken by the proprietor at all times.

We reserve our right to refuse service and all other rights at all times.

Thank you for your understanding,