Be Nice To Yourself!

Claire Davis IIHHT Dip

Claire's Approach
'I like to offer treatments to customers in a holistic style.  This means that I treat the body as a whole, rather than focusing on one isolated area or ailment. Our various systems and muscle groups do not work in isolation. Ailments are seldom single symptoms.  That is why I work intuitively on a number of different levels treating physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.  I believe that this approach achieves the ideal harmonious balance needed for a fulfilling life.'

Claire's Biography
Born and brought up in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire.  Claire moved to nearby Cambridge in 1999 and successfully studied here for her IIHHT Diploma.  Further studies were rewarded with a VCTC in Beauty.  Whilst Claire has a wealth of experience and broad expertise, she has a passion for the holistic aspect.  Holistic Harmony on Fair Street is the result of Claire's vision and passion and has been filling it's client book with people being nice to themselves since December 2008.